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  • What is BullerBox?
    People without dogs might think BullerBox is just a monthly pampering box with fun dog toys and delicious treats. But that's way off! BullerBox is so much more! BullerBox is a massive treat for the whole (dog) family. With a BullerBox membership, your pup will experience pure bliss every month when the mailman arrives with your dog's personal goodie box. The unboxing, together with your pup, is sheer joy for both your furry friend and anyone watching. It's followed by hours of play and happiness. Each BullerBox is packed with the most fun and innovative dog toys on this planet, all designed to cater to your dog's preferences and in a size that's just right. Plus, there are loads of tasty treats, and all content is 100% natural. And, of course, your pup always has a satisfaction guarantee on everything inside.
  • What does BullerBox cost?
    BullerBox is a monthly subscription, and the prices cover it all, including shipping and handling. No hidden fees here! The price remains the same no matter your dog's size. And you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee on EVERYTHING inside. - BullerBox costs 25.99 USD + 4.95 USD shipping per month for a 6-month starting period. - BullerBox costs 34.99 USD + 4.95 USD shipping per month for a 3-month starting period. - BullerBox costs 42.99 USD + 4.95 USD shipping per month for a single-month subscription. What does satisfaction guarantee mean? If there's anything your pup isn't pleased with, just let us know, and we'll send something else over, absolutely free. Did the toy not live up to the fun? Did it break? Were there treats your pup didn't fancy? Not enough treats, maybe? Whatever it may be, you can always take advantage of your satisfaction guarantee.
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, indeed. You can cancel your membership anytime using this link. When you cancel, it ends at the end of your chosen starting period. Once your membership is canceled, you won't be billed for more BullerBoxes. If you cancel after your starting period, just be sure to cancel your membership by the 15th of the month if you don't want more BullerBoxes.

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